Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ for Law Enforcement - North Richland PD


October 16-17, 2018
North Richland Hills Police Department
North Richland Hills, Texas

Human Performance LEADERSHIP™ is a two-day intensive learning experience designed to pull back the curtain, revealing the strategies and implementation tactics behind the most powerful culture- transforming process on the planet: Practicing Perfection®.

During your participation, you will learn precisely WHAT to do to take the human performance (i.e. safety, quality, productivity, efficiency, and morale) of your agency to its next level, then to its next level, and on to its next.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn/experience:

  • How to transform your department or agency culture in six hours (or less)

  • How to influence another person to do virtually anything you want them to do- a simple (yet profoundly powerful) approach to building relationships and eliminating “us-versus-them”

  • How the culture in which we live influences the way we think (and therefore the way we conduct ourselves at work)

  • How to get team members to do the ‘right thing’ at 3:00AM (when no one is watching)

  • How to move from demanding ‘compliance’ to a culture of desire (the key to SUSTAINABILITY)

  • How to foster engagement, accountability, and ownership

  • Simple tools that virtually eliminate the potential for human error

  • How to capture and sustain senior leadership support for performance improvement

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    *You will receive a copy of Tim Autrey's book Six Hour Safety Culture when you register. Please indicate your preferred format below.


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