Certification Level 1: Human Performance LEADERSHIP™


Human Performance LEADERSHIP  

October 27 - 29, 2019 in Raleigh, NC*

How to get workers to do the 'right thing' at 3:00AM when no one else is watching

Human Performance Leadership is a two-day intensive learning experience designed to pull back the curtain, revealing the strategies and implementation tactics behind the most powerful culture transforming process on the planet-Practicing Perfection®.

During your participation, you will learn precisely WHAT to do to take the human performance (i.e. safety, quality, productivity, efficiency) of your organization to its next level, and then to its next level, and on to its next.

Click Here for more information on HU Leadership Course.

*When the leadership course is part of PPI Certification then the first day is a bonus half day to register and join us for a movie.


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