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iLearning is PPI’s state-of-the-art online learning platform for providing individual learning experiences over the internet.

We utilize the Adobe Captivate Learning Management System (LMS)- known for its constant and never ending improvement (CANI) in application.  This provides the best possible interactive, context-shifting, and ‘stickable’ online learning experience possible.

The iLearning Course may be accessed using a desktop/laptop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.  The Course can be accessed at anytime from anywhere- so long as internet access is available.

The platform provides complete tracking of participation and results, including leaderboards and completion badges.  Our system can be set up such that the leaderboards and social aspects of the application are private and ‘internal’ to your organization.

In concert with the latest technology, design of the iLearning Course itself engages and entertains to maximize presence and interactivity during the learning experience.  You and your team members will find the experience totally different from previously experienced…quite often [very] BORING…CBT.


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