About Us

The Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc. (PPI) was founded in 2005 by Tim Autrey.  He did so following completion of an eight-year tour in the US Nuclear Navy and 20 years of service in the US commercial nuclear industry.

Tim’s founding of PPI was prompted by three things:

  • An awareness that specific aspects of human nature could be leveraged to provide amazing and sustainable benefits to organizational performance
  • Recognition that when performance improvement is promoted in a manner that effectively taps into discretionary effort, it is sustainable, and ultimately transforms the culture of the organization
  • The results of a human performance “experiment” he conducted at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, where the outcome of this leveraging approach generated an 87.5% sustained reduction in human error rate

Tim recognized that there was a “bigger picture” at hand.  Taking the best of what he had learned from his studies of behavioral psychology, combined with his experiences in the US Nuclear Navy and US commercial nuclear industry (including the outstanding results of his “leveraging experiment”), he simplified the structure, terminology, and ease of learning/doing, and set out to make this Third Dimension Thinking™ process available to the “rest of the world.”

He dubbed the approach, “Practicing Perfection®”, and founded PPI with a vision:

Event-free, world-wide: one life at a time.

Since 2005, the effort has grown to attract and develop a team of the finest human error reduction professionals on the planet.  We have affiliates in Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, and in South Africa.  Tim has taken the Practicing Perfection® message to China and to Russia.  Because of the success and new paradigm established through this approach to human performance, the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) contracted Tim to write the electrical industry’s manual on human error reduction in 2010.

At PPI, we consider ourselves to be uncompromising champions of human possibility.  We seek through our products, our Performance Improvement Partner™ relationships with our Clients, and through our Certification processes to elevate human performance such that human error is driven to the lowest possible levels of frequency and severity, and events are eliminated.  And, it is all done…sustainably.

We are a unique organization with a unique purpose, now intent on changing the global conversation on human performance.  We were founded with an honorable vision, conduct ourselves in accordance with our Core Principles, and hold ourselves accountable to our Code of Honor™.

Collectively, we are here to serve any enterprise, organization, team, or individual professional who is serious about making the world a safer, better, and more error-free place.